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Know All About FASTag or Get Ready to Pay Heavy Penalty!

If you have a Car or any other Vehicle you should read this post.

FASTag the Digital Revolution of Indian Toll Plazas

What is FASTag ?

For new listeners FASTag is a digital or FASTag in simple word is a sticker on your car like the pollution sticker but it is a rechargeable label which allows automatic deduction of toll plaza fees and authorizes your car pass through the toll station without stopping for the regular cash transaction. FASTag is linked to a prepaid account from which the applicable toll amount is deducted. The tag has Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology and is attached on the vehicle's windscreen after the tag account goes active.

FASTag is a wonderful solution for a seamless travel on national highways. At present FASTag is operational at 420+ toll plazas across state and national highways. All toll booths will be brought under the FASTag program in the near future.

How does the FasTag work or what is the advantage of having a FasTAg?

For a layperson, FASTag is a computerized label that depends on radio recurrence distinguishing proof or Radio-frequency Identification (RFID). The tag is stuck on the windscreen of vehicles. The beauty of the tag is, FASTag attached vehicles won't require to stop close to the toll booths since the toll tax will automatically get deducted from the prepaid or bank account of the vehicle owner in which the FasTag is linked to. Don’t worry everything happens while the car is in motion. The transaction will be done in a cashless method under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program.

Is FASTag Mandatory or Is FASTag compulsory?

From December 15th 2019 The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made it mandatory for all vehicles, both private as well as commercial, to have FASTags installed in their vehicles. The move is aimed at reducing long queues across toll plazas by digitizing toll collection across all the highways of the country and reducing highway congestion. Though as of now there are old cash counters as well in couple of Rows but very soon all toll plazas will be converted digital.

Do I get penalized for not having FASTag?

Yes, if you get into the FASTag lane and don’t have the Tag on your vehicle you may be penalized upto double the fee. But very soon all toll plazas will be digitized. So, its better you have it as early as possible without waiting for the last moment.

Can I pay cash if I don’t have FASTag?

At least 75 per cent of the overall lanes in a toll booth will accept FASTag only. The remaining 25 per cent will be hybrid lanes which can accept all modes of payments credit/ debit card and cash etc. but after 15th January, 2020, the government aims to make all lanes in the toll booth FASTag only, except one on the extreme left which will continue to be a hybrid lane.

How to buy FASTags?

New vehicles now come with RFID tags. Owners should obtain the tag credentials from the showroom - where they bought the vehicle – to recharge the tag

Old vehicle owners have to purchase FASTags. They have to cough up an initial purchase fee. The cost of the tag vary slightly depending on which bank you are buying from and the type of the vehicle. Certain amount approximately Rs.200 will be kept as security deposit in the FASTag account. To purchase a new tag, one has to submit a copy of the registration certificate (RC), passport size photo of the vehicle owner, identity proof and address proof. Tags are also available from Indian Highways Management Company, a subsidiary of National Highways Authority of India. Purchase fee is exempted for FASTag purchase from this company You can keep Rs 100 to Rs 1 lakh in your FASTag account

Where and which banks offers FASTag?

FASTags are issued by 23 certified banks through various channels such as Point-of-Sale (POS) at National Highway toll plazas and select bank branches.

• Axis Bank: 1800-419-8585

• ICICI Bank: 1800-2100-104

• IDFC Bank: 1800-266-9970

• State Bank of India: 1800-11-0018

• HDFC Bank: 1800-120-1243

• Karur Vysya Bank: 1800-102-1916

• EQUITAS Small Finance Bank: 1800-419-1996

• PayTM Payments Bank Ltd: 1800-102-6480

• Kotak Mahindra Bank: 1800-419-6606

• Syndicate Bank: 1800-425-0585

• Federal Bank: 1800-266-9520

• South Indian Bank: 1800-425-1809

• Punjab National Bank: 080-67295310

• Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank: 1800-223-993

• Saraswat Bank: 1800-22-9999

• Fino Payments Bank: 1860-266-3466

• City Union Bank: 1800-2587200

• Bank of Baroda: 1800-1034568

• IndusInd Bank: 1860-5005004

• Yes Bank: 1800-1200

• Union Bank: 1800-222244

• Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd: 1800-2667183

Here is how you can purchase a FASTag from these popular banks:


HDFC Bank is enabling the clients to apply for a FASTag on its site. The record holders simply need to sign in on the bank's devoted FASTag page, after which they will be required to fill in the subtleties of their vehicle including enrollment number, proprietor name, vehicle class and so on.

After this progression, they will be required to transfer a delicate duplicate of their supporting records and afterward they will be approached to audit the application before continuing to installment. the FASTag card will be conveyed on the client's doorstep.


ICICI Bank, another significant private division bank of the nation, is enabling intrigued clients to apply for FASTag on its committed page. On clicking 'apply now' the clients will be taken to the application page where they would need to fill in their own subtleties including name, date of birth email, phone number and afterward at the base of the page, they should choose a favored ID evidence.

On clicking straightaway, the bank will approach the client for their location details and afterward the vehicle particulars as well. At last, it will request that the clients affirm their application and will be approached to pay. Subsequently the customers will receive their new FASTag delivered at their address.

State Bank of India

The nation's biggest bank doesn't have any gateway for online process of FASTag, nonetheless, SBI's site informs a client care number 1800-11-0018, where the bank's officials will manage the applicant to the closest retail location (PoS) area. After the client arrives at the POS, they will have the option to apply for the FASTag on the area.

Punjab National Bank

PNB, which is one of the top public sector banks in the country, too lets the customers apply for a FASTag from its website. Just like ICICI Bank, here too, the customers will need to provide their details and the details of their vehicle with supporting soft copies of the documents before proceeding for payment.

PNB, which is one of the popular bank in the nation, also lets the clients apply for a FASTag from its site. Much the same as ICICI Bank, here as well, the clients should give their particulars and the specifics of their vehicle with supporting documents before continuing for transaction..

Any Additional benefits such as Cashback or coupons on FASTag?

Yes, initially at starting phase most of the banks are offering upto 2.5% cashback on FASTag transactions

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