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Great News to Share!-Travel to Malaysia Visa-Free In 2020-Indian Passport Holders

Yes..... Pack your bags!! Indian passport holders can now Travel to Malaysia Visa-free for 15 days, according to the new order issued by Malaysian government. This New Year, if you are an Indian passport holder, there is good news for you. With Sri Lanka expanding its free visa agreement upon arrival for India, Malaysia is also opening its tickets for Indian visitors.

For all of 2020, Malaysia will open a 15-day visa-free trip for people from India and China. The news was reported in a new passport order issued by the Federal Government Gazette on December 26.

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As indicated by the new application, a visitor, who is a resident of India and China, is exempt from the visa requirement.

Indian tourists only need to enroll in the electronic travel and information registration (eNTRI) framework. The service said that the visa-free ticket through eNTRI is an improvement over Visa upon arrival.

Registration may be possible by the tourist himself or by a travel agent registered with the Malaysian Mission Office in India. This order will remain in effect basically from January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2020. A full year from now until any other notice by the Government of Malaysia.

The passage and departure in Malaysia will be made exclusively through approved entry points or air terminals. All travelers must show evidence and have enough money for costs, in addition to validating their travel schedule to Malaysia. The Traveler must also have a direct air ticket back to India or any other country as indicated in the order.

Once registered, visitors can travel to Malaysia within three months. However, you can travel for about 15 days only in Malaysia using the electronic travel information and registration system (eNTRI).

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The order also said that travelers can get a re-entry to Malaysia after 45 days from the date of departure from the country. Similarly, tourists entering the nation must have an immediate air travel ticket back to India or some other nation.

Malaysia has seen a greater presence of Chinese and Indian travelers in the previous months and this progression is to support the travel industry and boost tourism in the nation.

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