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#Travel at just the budget of Yoga classes-#Top 12 Wonderful Destinations at Extremely Low Budget

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Yes we will show you how to travel places on strict budget without compromising the comfort, convenience and standard

Yes, that's Right. So, Let's get started-

1. #January

#Beautiful Nainital

Planning a trip to Nainital in January will not only be pocket friendly but also you will see the misty charisma surrounded all around. With temperature dipping to below zero degree, you may also be the lucky one to experience the white Nainital covered with snow.

Discount Bet - From 25% to upto 50%

2. #February


February in Manali will definitely be a memorable one, you won't need to travel to the sight seeing areas to play with snow because you will have it all around. Hotels and activities offers a massive discount in this month.

Discount Bet- 20% to 50%

3. #March

#Rann of Kutch

March as end of the tourist season in the Rann of Kutch, all nearby accommodations are at great bargain. Have a peaceful experience and avoid the unwanted crowds. Make sure you travel to Kutch scheduling a Full Moon Night (Purnima) and don't forget to take the magical moonlight camel safari into the salty desert. It will be one of a lifetime experience.

Discount Bet- 20%-40%

4. #April

#Kohima, Nagaland

Kohima is a charming district located in the Indian state of Nagaland surrounded by beautiful Naga Hills. April seems to be the end of peak season and as very low tourists travel to Nagaland this will be an exciting hill station to visit at this time. Hotels, Home stays and food are quite on budget.



Cherrapunji is a stunning location and lies in the heart of Meghalaya, Enjoy the clouds and rain with lush green hills. Hotels and home stays offers a great deal



No introduction is needed for Coorg. Get indulge in the aroma of coffee blossoms. Coorg is a very beautiful and charming hill station and in the month of June with welcome of Monsoon this place has its unique natural beauty.

Discount Bet - Minimum 30% can go upto 50%

7. #July


Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, magnificent Sea coast and fascinating hills becomes an ideal destination for tourist to visit Kerala. Go visit Munnar a perfect hill station with refreshing green serene everywhere. This can be one of the best time to visit munnar where due to climate and temperature the resorts offers a great deal

Discount Bet- Minimum 30% upto 50%

8. #August


Snuggled within beautiful woody forests of pine and cedar trees, Kasauli is a magical and calm hill station. You will fall in love with the nature. Shoe string budget resorts, hotels and homestays are available at this time which makes it a perfect holiday for the season. Kasauli tour packages are popular from Delhi and you can reach Kasauli from delhi at a distance of 290 approx

9. #September


A beautiful city surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra river and Hills and the Land Goddess Kamakhya. Guwahati boasts of unique and magnificent places like Umananda, Pabitora sanctuary, etc. The North Eastern culture is itself something to feel from heart. So, get mesmerized and plan a Holiday at this time here Hotels are offer at a very attractive deal.

10. #October


As the rivers are filled with water and mostly people loving adventure sports like rafting, boating etc. basically visit the place during this month, so, family crowd is little low in this time. Hotels and stays are available at great off season deal

11. # November


Darjeeling is very less crowded in November. But trust me the beauty of Darjeeling viewing the Mt. Kanchanjunga can only be witnessed at this time. So, don’t think any further, just book a holiday to beautiful Darjeeling. Hotels & home-stays offers a huge discount.

12. #December


As Kashmir embraces full winter, the place is quite less crowded and makes ideal time to see the beauty of the Mountains and valley. Hotels will offer you a huge discount during this time.

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