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Where Dubai is? Things to do in Dubai | Dubai Travel Guide!

Updated: Jan 14

Dubai! The first thing that comes to our mind is the brilliantly architectured high-rises, the palm Jumeirah or the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai Malls, Dubai with Atlantis. You may know where Dubai is or you are probably reasoning "Where is Dubai? Or, is Dubai a country? What is the Capital of Dubai? Is it United Arab Emirates? Maybe present there and thinking in Dubai where is the best Mall? Ongoing iconic Dubai Creek Tower, Or "What cash/currency is acceptable in Dubai? Is Dubai Safe? Is Dubai Expensive? Etc.

Don’t be stressed, we will cover all of the above queries and even more so that your visit or stopover in Dubai is as charming as could reasonably be expected. You are not the only individual to Google search this, and you will not be the last one as well.

Dubai is generally used as a stopover target for travelers flying in and out of UAE (Dubai Airport). While in Dubai, there is an amazing amount of activities here for those who hope to invest more energy and time. You will love the time in Dubai more than expected! It is a city caught between the old and the new. Dubai is an interesting and multi cultural city that deserves much more than a stopover and I hope you use this information to help you plan a holidays that will not exceed your financial limit!

DUBAI - Lets Explorer

Where is Dubai and everything you need to know before visiting?

Most likely, you simply booked an international flight and found the layover is "Dubai." Dubai is really vibrant city that borders :

Oman to the east

Saudi Arabia on the south

It imparts an oceanic border to Iran over the Gulf of Oman, through the Strait of Hormuz.

Some important Geographical information to know about Dubai:

  • The regular normal temperature in or weather in Dubai is approximately 35 ° C. Visit between November and March for a less humid environment with average of sweat. Rest of the year the temperature can reach up to 50° C plus, and will actually begin to sweat like anything.

  • Arabic is the official language of the Dubai, United Arab Emirates, however, English is the most widely spoken language in Dubai.

  • Dubai is not a country. Dubai is a part of the UAE that is made up of seven small emirates. Different UAE emirates are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Qaiwain.

  • Dubai is not the capital of the UAE, however Abu Dhabi is the Capital

  • A very surprising reality is that Dubai is within an 8-hour journey of 60% of the world.Which implies that many people, who stops here and utilizes the layover to explore the city

Which Continent is Dubai based in?

Currently you realize where Dubai is, however, you may be interested to know what continent Dubai is on. Actually, it is Asia explicitly the Middle East or West Asia. The entire "East Center" is a piece of Asia.

Is Dubai safe?

Many people are stressed by the well-being in Dubai, however, as a general rule, it is probably the safest place you can visit. Dubai is, in fact, one of the safest nations in the Middle East for visitors.

Try not to stress too much thinking you have to cover up completely. Dubai is surprisingly lazy in contrast to what many individuals anticipate.There is also no compelling reason to cover your hair.

Would you be able to drink in Dubai? Or Could you drink in Dubai and where in Dubai we can do so?

Another normal wrong judgment, in case you drink liquor, at that moment I have some encouraging news. You can drink Alcohol in Dubai! (Yes!)

The availability of alcoholic beverages is restricted to the accommodation of cafes, bars and clubs, which may sound strange, but as a general rule, it certainly is not only for tourists.

You can discover everything from very good quality bars to smaller bars with music.

In any case, be careful if you are tipsy,it’s suggested that if you are drunk you remain inside or else any wrong intimidation can get you easily arrested by the nearby police.

You should also be careful with the kissing openly. The truth is that you will probably be fine in case you do it anyway; there have been cases of simple kisses creating a lot of fuss.

What money/Currency used in Dubai?

The cash in Dubai is the United Arab Emirates dirham (Dhs or AED), which is linked to the US dollar at the rate of approximately AED 3.67 to US $ 1.

The notes available for use are Dhs 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 denominations.

There are 100 fils (coins) in a dirham, and there are one, a half and a quarter coins.

You do not have to worry about carrying excess money, as there are many ATMs.

On the other hand, you can bring euros, pounds, US dollars and exchange them at the air terminal when you arrive, just be aware of the exchange costs.

Are there any Airbnb in Dubai?

Edifying news! In fact, and it is inconceivably moderate, you can discover rooms from only 100 AED per night. i.e. A room on Airbnb starts around 100 AED per night (shared), while an entire home or apartment will be approximately 400 AED.There are some extremely nice lofts to rent, and we strongly suggest seeing them.

Similarly, if you don’t want to use use Airbnb, you can get from budget to top class hotels

There is also a huge selection of accommodation on Agoda.

Are restaurants in Dubai expensive?

Costs in Dubai hotel restaurants are generally starts on the higher side. You can discover restaurants in all kinds of value from local yellow pages before visiting. In case you have a limited expense, remember that, no doubt, things are not that cheap in Dubai, so plan your visit accordingly.

For you information:

Burgers and sandwiches: AED 30-60 (7-14 EUR)

Primary Meal courses: 40-150 AED (10-35 EUR).

Is Dubai Expensive?

Dubai is not as cheap as compared to other Asian Cities. Budget hotel in Dubai start between 200-250 AED per night for a twin or double room. AED 400 to 500 AED is a recommended spending plan that accepts that you will be staying in a AirBnB, little bit of eating out, cook most of your dinners, keeping your drinking to minimum.

For sight seeing and attractions you may check on Viator or Groupon, you can regularly obtain many lower costs and deals by booking in advance.

Last focuses on visiting Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place and you probably won't miss an opportunity to visit this beautiful city.

Is it advisable to visit Dubai or trip on your layover?

Indeed! Dubai is an unimaginable place, and we trust that this article has revealed to you where Dubai is, as well as a lot of things that people don't know before visiting.

Dubai Entertainment Budget and Money Saving Tips on Dubai

(Things to do in Dubai on Budget)

Go around Walking: Dubai is with full of places that are allowed to enter and dazzling to walk around. Spend the day at any shopping mall or shopping territory: The Dubai Mall, City Center Mirdif, Ibn Battuta Mall, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Sunset Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Souk al Bahar etc. There is generosity to see and if you leave Dubai without going to a mall, you treated it terribly!

Burj Khalifa : Omit the Burj Khalifa at Sunset– If you're going up the Burj Khalifa tickets during the dusk hours are considerably more costly. Since the sunset view is not that worth it (though it has hype), you may skip it. You'll pay around 30% less! One more tips to save money on this tallest building of the world is visit only the first stage view that is the 128th floor for which the ticket price is 149 AED. The Panoramic view at this floor is as beautiful as the final stage view which is at the ticket size of 500 AED. So, if budget is constraint you may happily skip the 148th floor view as it almost looks the same. Rather get a better view free, absolutely at no cost from Dubai international airport while your airplane take offs and lands at Dubai…. That’s a joke apart !!

Arabian Desert Safari/ Dubai Desert Safari: You may replace the day long desert safari with Arabian Adventure worth AED 320 with a lesser priced other desert safaris. (Though this the most popular one)

Global Village: For an admission is only 15 AED ! You get this huge entertainment with live performances along with shopping and dining options. An incredible cultural experience. This resembles Epcot Center at Disney World, aside from it exhibits the various societies of the Middle East.

Kite Beach: If you like kite surfers or water sports, this is an extraordinary place to enjoy some waves. The breeze starts approaching in the noon, so it is a decent time to hit the water or just relax and watch how others do it. In case water sports are not your thing, just come to sunbathe and relax. The best option, the progressively "neighborhood" restaurant is called Tent Jumeriah, and is on the walk between Burj Dubai Hotel and the Kite Beach

Dubai Miracle Garden: this particular and beautiful garden deserves to invest some energy to see. The garden opened in 2013 and extends over 72,000 square meters, making it the largest common flower garden in the world, highlighting more than 109 million planted flowers. Remember your camera for this. The entry is only 40 AED. (Note: Looks better during the day).

Souk Madinat Jumeirah: This market is a cutting-edge building designed to look like it was taken from Aladdin, however, it houses some unimaginable restaurants, similar to Agency, an advanced wine bar with a tremendous determination of wines and delicious meats and Dishes cheddar cheese. There is also a wonderful interior courtyard in this complex.

The Marina: The marina area is surrounded by tall structures and contains a lovely promenade. You can see the extravagant harbor and skyline with fany boats and high buildings all around. Do not forget to take some stunning photos of the harbor and the horizon.

Dubai Museum: It is in Old Dubai quite a small museum but has some really interesting showcases. It shows you the history and culture of Dubai and life in the desert. With a $ 1 USD bet itgoes quite affordable to visit.

Old Dubai: See how old Dubai used to be. Markets (like the well-known gold market) small shops lined across the road. Take a boat along the stream, wander carelessly, visit the Dubai Museum, eat in a portion of conventional restaurants etc.

Jumeirah Mosque – It comprises of one enormous room and there is a guided visit each day at 10am. It's 20 AED and accompanies an extraordinary breakfast spread. This lovely mosque is one of two in the city you can really visit.

Dubai creek tower : Lastly don’t forget to gat a glimpse of the to be completed dubai creek tower about 328 feet taller than Dubai's Burj Khalifa

So, now you know a lot about Dubai and what things to expect on your tour. Dubai is lot more than high-rises, go explore the beauty of Dubai.

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